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Speaker That Attaches to Glasses 


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Speaker That Attaches to 

Written By: zachary s 



Hot Glue gun & hot glue (1) 

Solder (1) 

Soldering iron (1) 


Audio cable (1) 
Speaker, small 8Q (1) 
• Cheap MP3 Player (1) 

small neodymium magnets (2) 

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Speaker That Attaches to Glasses 

Step 1 — Speaker That Attaches to Glasses 

• Cut about 10cm off of the audio 
cable, then strip the wire as in the 
picture. For wires that are coated 
with enamel, use a file to scrape 
the enamel off. Solder the wires to 
the solder tabs on the speaker. 

Step 2 

• Take the neodymium magnet and 
use some hot glue to glue it on the 
edge of the speaker as in the 

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Speaker That Attaches to Glasses 

Step 3 

• Glue the other neodymium magnet 
to the glasses. Make sure the 
magnets won't repel each other. 

Step 4 

• Plug the audio cable into the MP3 player's stereo jack. Then clip the MP3 player onto the 
glasses and attach the speaker to the glasses. 

Thank you for reading. Please comment if you liked this guide or if you have any ideas for my 
next guide. 

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